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"Only Temporary" Painting by Irexe Art

This painting is a representation of the two most important things that are Only Temporary.

In the world there's two things we can't live without, our bodies and our wealth. As much as we would love to not depend on money it is necessary to survive. As hard as it is to love our bodies, they are our temporary vessels for our souls.

Unfortunately, we need money to survive. We need it to eat, sleep, work, travel, we need it pretty much to live. If we need a home we must make an income. If we need an income we must get a job. If we need to eat we must get the ingredients to make food. If we need to use the restroom we must get toilet paper to wipe our a**. The list is endless.

Of course, having to depend on money to survive can really bring out unwanted emotions, such as anger, resentment, sadness, stress, frustration and so much more. One thing I learned is that no emotion is good or bad, it is the action that comes after the emotion that is "good" or "bad". We all have to survive, we all have to make an income, the question is "How are you going to do it?" Will you allow your emotions to turn into a negative action or will you hold your head up high and push with a positive action.

You are the only person in control of your actions, no one else.

Just like money our bodies are also temporary. No matter what your beliefs are, we all know that our bodies stay on this earth. We have many options when it comes to leaving the body behind, you can bury it, cremate it, I've even heard of decomposing it by planting a tree. The point is, we can't physically take it to "heaven", "the afterlife", "reincarnation" or whatever happens to be your belief.

What we can do is take care of it. It is very normalized to judge and disrespect our bodies in so many ways. We often use negative words like "hate", "ugly", "boring" and so many more to describe our bodies. Little do we realize that our bodies are the only thing keeping our souls alive.

Your body will communicate what it needs in order to survive. Many times we hear the phrase "follow your gut feeling". Your gut is initially your body trying to communicate with the brain that something is going on. If you are in danger your body will most likely communicate by shaking, sweating, anxiety and so on. This happens with every emotion but throughout time we've just learned to listen to our brain aka Logic. We dismissed it by saying "oh i'm sure it'll be fine", "i'm just overthinking it", "nothing will go wrong" but then regret creeps up and you end up saying "I should've just done this", "I wish I could go back", "I knew that didn't feel right".

Your body is not your enemy, it is here to guide your soul and help you on this earth.

We must learn to appreciate and be grateful for the body that is helping us out. There are many ways to show that appreciation. For starters we can provide the proper fuel, we can maintain it in a healthy shape, we can heal it, we can even decorate it!

I am not here to tell you "you were brought into this world with this body, you should leave it as is". Not at all. Decorate the sh*t out of it. Want some art on it? Do it. Want some dope piercings? Get them. Your body will be gone by the end of its journey so don't stress about making it perfect. Perfection does not exist. All I am advising you to do is to love, heal and appreciate the temporary shelter that is protecting your soul.

Painting Details: “Only Temporary” is an original painting by Irene Chavez R. done with acrylic paint on a 16" x 20" stretched canvas.

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1 Comment

Clemente C
Clemente C
Sep 26, 2023

I love how every painting has its own story, it lets you get to know the artist and see the beauty of their brains creations

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