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Original Paintings

  • Original hand painted acrylic on a stretched canvas

  • Signed and dated in the back once purchased

  • 18 x 24 inches


"All Eyes on Me" is an original painting by Irene Chavez done with acrylic paint on a 18" x 24" stretched canvas. This painting was another painting made when Irene was at a low point in her life. Irene felt trapped and judged by everything she did. She created 2 beautiful escapes, the Enchanted Garden or the Mexican Butterflies. Both escapes had a challenge to overcome before being set free but no matter what she did someone was always watching. This painting was made for the Surreal Collection and is Irene's favorite collection. She is not willing to let go of any paintings in the Surreal Collection easily. She has increased the price to make sure it will go to the correct loving home. 


All Eyes on Me Original Painting

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