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Irexe Art - Coloring Books 


Irexe Art offers high-quality Coloring Books featuring intricate Irexe Art Paintings.

  • Includes 10+ Coloring Sheets per book

  • Sized 8.5x11 inches for convenient coloring.

  • Spiral/ wire binding enables easy tearing and removal of pages.

  • Single-sided pages prevent bleeding of markers, ensuring vibrant artwork.


IrexeKids - Designed for ages 4 and above, ensuring simple designs cater to kids preferences.


IrexeYouth - Designed for ages 12 and above, ensuring exciting designs cater to youth preferences.


IrexeArt/ Adult - Designed for ages 18 and above, ensuring complex designs cater to adult preferences.


Irexe Art emphasizes age restriction policy, disclaiming responsibility for underage purchases.

IrexeKids - Butterfly Universe Coloring Book

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