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Irene Chavez Romero, also known as Irexe Art, is a 22 year old self taught artist and business owner. She was born in Michoacan, Mexico on October, 14,  2000 and came to the USA when she was only two years old. Irene is the oldest of 4.
She picked up an interest in the art industry the moment she picked up a crayon. She has always enjoyed art classes throughout her school years. She enjoys anything from drawing and painting to photography and calligraphy. She started selling her art the year of 2020 when Covid hit. Irene started by posting her finish pieces on facebook and slowly started getting orders. Once she gained an audience she then transitioned to selling on Offerup and Etsy. In 2021 she opened her own website and began turning her art into many different things like lighters, tapestries, cases and more. 
Irene is currently a full time artist and business owner. She continues to work hard everyday to grow as a person and share her art throughout the world. She is very grateful for every single order and support she has ever received and hopes the gratitude is returned and multiplied to everyone. “Don't ever sell yourself short, know your worth and remember that everything is all in your head. You can do whatever your mind desires”
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